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Advantages of Floristry Courses at Admire Floral Art School Sydney

  1. Makes learning floral art easy and fun.
  2. Develops positive attitudes towards living art.
  3. Helps you build a solid foundation of florist knowledge.
  4. Easy to follow instructions and explanations.
  5. Consolidate what has been taught before.
  6. Resource materials are Australian and international.
  7. Systems are proven to be successful.
  8. Admire floral art school guarantees your florist course success. Please contact us for more information on Advanced courses.
  9. All flowers and sundries included.
  10. Discount for enrolling in all the courses.

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Testimonials from our students who took our Floristry Courses.

Victoria “I really enjoyed doing my bridal course. I feel that I am confident to do my own wedding bouquets in August. We have had a lot of fun and laughs during the course. I love taking my work home to show family and friends and seeing the looks on their faces of amazement. Shelly your a great teacher. Thank you.”
Carol “I am very happy with what I have learned, The technique is easy and looks great when task is complete. Shelly was very helpful and I have enjoyed my course. I would recommend Admire as a learning experience.”
Mookie “It is a great course! I learned a lot and gained a lot of knowledge on flowers. Shelly is a great teacher.”
TepkunnaShelly is an excellent teacher. I learned so much of the different technique of preparing the different flowers. The beautiful and smart way of her creative and artistic that make me wake up and have the desire to be like her. I really love the course, you are really friendly and Guy as well. I will keep in mind of your creative design which I really love…”
Ho Ching “This is a really nice florist course. I am really appreciated with Shelly‘s clear teaching style, and professional floristry technique.”
Melanie “The course is well designed and Shelly is a very good teacher. The technique taught is very easy to follow.”

Abir “Thank you for having me. I enjoyed the course very much. I thought the course was very helpful and educating. The flexibility made it very easy to be able to complete. Shelly made it very easy to understand her techniques are easy to pick up as she explains things in full detail.”
Ibrahim “I would like to thank you Shelly, the course was a wonderful experience, I learn’t so much. Shelly explained everything so well, made us feel very comfortable to ask her anything. I feel confident in completing the course knowing I have been taught everything. Thank you again.”
Mariam “I was very happy doing this course. I found it helpful and interesting. I just want to thank you Shelly for having a lot of patience with me. Hopefully everything I’ve learned will help me in the future.”